European Youth Olympic Diary
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Friday February 22nd 2013
The good news was that we were seeded 13th out of all the Countries entered and this meant that we didn't need to do a qualifier.  The bad news was that our first round was against Norway!

I think we were all feeling pretty nervous - skiing is largely an individual sport so it's a big responsibility  when you are racing for your team and the pressure was definitely on, for all of us, to be racing against one of the top teams.

Although none of us won our head-to-heads, we all finished and we all finished well; just a very short distance behind our Norwegian counterparts.  Despite not progressing further, the relief at not having let down our team-mates was enormous and we were able to enjoy watching the rest of the competition.  Austria were the eventual winners!

This has been a very enjoyable event.  I am disappointed not to have held on in the first run of the Slalom, because I think I would have finished with a good time, but that is how it goes with ski racing - the smallest of mistakes can put you out of a race.

I'm now looking forward to the Closing Ceremony.