Sochi Olympic Diary
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Tuesday February 18th 2014
GS Race day dawned with persistent drizzle.  By the time we inspected the course it had turned to proper rain and by the time the race began it was full on torrential rain.

The conditions were really bad.  For anyone with a bib bigger than number 10 the race was over before it began.  

With the words of my coach, Alain Untergassmair, ringing in my ears, I went out of the start gate at bib number 75.  I made it to the 15th gate before I shot out of the undulating and chopped-up course.  I did have the choice of taking it cautiously but I wanted to race it and I wanted to show what I can do - I don't regret my decision because there is no point being here if I'm not going to try to do my best.  As Alain said,  it is better to charge like a lion for 15 gates than crawl like a snail for 50!

In the GS race.

I am sure that some of my friends and family watching on TV at home completely missed me because I popped up for just a few seconds as I came out of the course!

The frustration of coming out of the GS.

I cannot deny that I am disappointed because I had hoped to do well today.  However, I need to focus now on the Slalom race on Friday.  I haven't competed in a night Slalom before so I am looking forward to it. 

the Irish Times today:-