Sochi Olympic Diary
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Tuesday February 11th 2014
After training Slalom today, I spent the afternoon watching my team mate, Seamus O'Connor in his Half-Pipe competition.  Unfortunately, he crashed and didn't make it into the final.  He wasn't hurt though and he was pleased with getting as far as the semi-finals.

The Half Pipe course at Extreme Park, Sochi

I think the warm weather is affecting the freestyle events as well because the snow was much softer than it should be on the half pipe course which the riders were concerned about.  And the conditions continue to be difficult for my training; I hope the temperature drops in the next day or two to give the snow a chance to firm up a bit before my races.

I actually saw my parents today, for, literally, 3 minutes!!  It's the first time I've seen them since I and they got here.  They travelled up from Sochi and I managed to see them outside the lift station at Extreme Park.  They couldn't come further because they didn't have tickets for the Half Pipe event and I couldn't go out.  For them, it was a 5 hour 20 minute round trip  My Dad said it would be easier to see me if I was in prison!!