Sochi Olympic Diary
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Saturday February 8th 2014
After training with my coach, Alain, this morning, Adrian (our Physio) and I went over to the Endurance Village.

There are 3 Olympic Villages here.  There is the big one down in Adler for the "Coaster Cluster" which is where the ice skaters, ice hockey players etc stay.  It is the one with  its own McDonalds and is so big that the athletes there have to get about by bicycle!

The next largest is for the "Mountain Cluster" and that is where the Alpine skiers, freestyle skiers and |sliders stay.  So this is where I am living.

The smallest Olympic Village, but definitely the most exclusive one, is where the endurance athletes are staying.  These athletes are the cross country and biathlon skiers and they are staying in what is going to be a 5 star hotel after the Games.  It has a gorgeous indoor-to-outdoor swimming pool complex but our team mate, Jan, says nobody has the energy to use it after one of their daily 15km training sessions!

The swimming pool at the Endurance Village