Sochi Olympic Diary
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Monday February 24th 2014
I am writing this at 2am in my hotel room in Zurich after the most disorganised and drawn-out journey ever!

I had a very late night (or early morning, depending on how you look at it) on Sunday so it was a struggle to get everything together to check in at a building in the Olympic Village by 10am, for our 8.20pm flight.  We were picked up at 4pm and arrived at the airport to find that they had erected a marquee to act as an overflow departure lounge for the teams.  There were hardly any seats yet the marquee was accommodating 4 chartered Airbus A330s-worth of people.

Some of the suitcases waiting to leave Sochi airport

We boarded at 8pm and, at 9pm, just when I was beginning to wonder when they would be putting the "doors to automatic and cross-check", one of the cabin crew announced that he "hoped" they would be able to find all of the bags for our flight and that he "hoped" this would only take an hour!  In the end, we took off at 10.30pm.

On arrival in Zurich we had a 30 minute walk to a car park where all the bags from all 4 aircraft were piled up.  It was pandemonium!  The Italians took it upon themselves to load everyone's skis into their vans, irrespective of which Nation they belonged to!  They had to do some unloading when this was pointed out to them.  Conor had his ski bag beside him one moment and the next moment it had gone.  Personally, I think it went into one of the Italians' vans and will turn up in a couple of days.  His bag of clothes etc didn't arrive at all and I expect it is still in Sochi.  This was his 21st birthday and I felt very sorry for him.

By the time we had all our stuff the courtesy bus to our hotel had stopped so Sean had to arrange a taxi for us.  It is now 2am and I have had hardly any sleep in the last 2 days.  I really cannot wait to be at home and to get into my own bed.