Sochi Olympic Diary
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Monday February 17th 2014
So tomorrow will be my first race day at the Olympic Games.  I will be racing GS and I have bib 75 (out of 90 competitors).  Being towards the back of the field will, inevitably, make it very difficult because the soft snow conditions mean that the course will have cut up badly by the time I get to go.

I am simply going to do my best.  My GS training has been really good and I will try to race it as if it is another training run.

I am the youngest Alpine competitor and I hope to be able to go to many more Olympics for Ireland in the years to come so I want to just enjoy the experience of competing in Sochi.

The start has been brought forward for tomorrow from 11am to 9.30am because of the warm weather.  So I shall be up at 6am for an 8.30am inspection.

My bib for tomorrow and my GS helmet.

Wish me luck!!