Sochi Olympic Diary
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Friday February 7th 2014

OMG!!!  Walking out with the rest of the team into a stadium packed with 40,000 people (including the Russian President and the Secretary General of the United Nations) knowing that the pictures would be seen on televisions all around the world was nerve-racking and exciting at the same time - surreal!  I know that I shall never forget this experience.

Walking into the Olympic Stadium

My view, following the flag into the Olympic Stadium!

My favourite parts of the "show" were 1) when the Russian National anthem was sung whilst 214 people dressed in the red, white and blue of their flag made the flag "wave" by moving in lines and 2) the lighting of the cauldron.

The "waving" Russian flag

Sochi's Olympic Cauldron

My Mum and Dad got emails and texts from family in the USA, Ireland and the UK, friends all over the World and old coaches etc all of whom had seen me walk out into the Olympic Stadium!