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World Championships - Day 1 (Travelling)
February 1st 2015
Was up early to drive down to Heathrow only to find that our flight to Denver was delayed!  Apparently they had to change the wheel at the nose of the plane - this turned into a 4 and a half hour delay - even in the fabulous Terminal 5 there is only so much you can do for that amount of time (even if you are checking-in beside and sharing a lounge with McBusted)!

Even when they let us onto the plane we had a further hour sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off!

My home for the day!

After an uncomfortable mini bus ride from Denver to Vail (because we couldn't sit properly with all the skis loaded in) we finally arrived at our accommodation and I just about managed to keep my eyes open long enough to eat a couple of slices of pizza - off to bed now...