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World Alpine Ski Championships Day 9 - 2015
February 9th 2015
Today, we trained slalom at Golden Peak.

Annoyingly, there was another incident involving an athlete from the USA being given preferential treatment to the rest of us.  A couple of days ago Lyndsey Vonn's "minder" aggressively wanted to know why we were training in the same place as their number one star.  The fact that this was OUR training lane (officially allocated to us) seemed to be of little interest to the woman who seemed to think that the hill belongs to the USA (which it does in Geographical terms, obviously, but not for training purposes at the moment!).  "I don't think you're training with Lyndsey" she said!

"Me next!" - watching Michaela Schiffren's training run

Today, it was the turn of Michaela Schriffren's coaches who requisitoned the training lane we were sharing with Hungary and Israel - to the extent that we were hardly able to train at all!  As much as the normal American people have been really welcoming to us, to be honest, the attitude of the USA team officials stinks.