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World Alpine Ski Championships Day 12 - 2015
February 12th 2015
Today I had something in common with Anna Fenninger. 

The GS start list display.

Preparing to go into the start (with Tess and Alain).

She made a big mistake but made it through the finish - so did I. 

There were different outcomes though - she ended up in a snowplough to save herself from crashing in the second run and won the race by 1.4 seconds.  I went out of the course, almost came to a complete standstill, had to pole to get back into the course and ended up outside the top 60 and, therefore, unable to have a second run!  To be honest I was half expecting to be disqualified so, having made it through only a handful of gates in the GS at Sochi I was determined to make it into the finish and I did.  

In the finish!

It could have been worse, much worse.  I could have missed my start like another experienced athlete did - she miscalculated how fast the race was progressing versus when she needed to get to the start area and made it in time to see the skier with a bib two places after hers leave the gate! I'm sure she's absolutely devastated.

As I was making my way down the course, my sister was being interviewed by "Uncle E" the "master of ceremonies" at the Championships - I think I'm rather relieved that I didn't know this at the time or know what she was saying!  However, he seems to like the Irish team and made a bit of a fuss about us being sisters - we had our photograph taken with him.

Me and Tory with Uncle E

After watching the second run we went into Beaver Creek and made smores at a fire pit behind my parents' hotel.

Toasting marshmallows to make smores

I'm going to be spending the evening preparing my slalom skis ready for training tomorrow.