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Treblecone & Cardrona Races
August 2nd 2013

The less said about these races the better!!!  I didn't finish the 2 slalom races in Treblecone or the 2 GS races in Cardrona - I'm hoping that these were the 4 races that I am destined to DNF this season and that they are all out of the way!


I was really pleased to see my old friend Isabel Kirk here - I was very good friends with her at the BSA and also when we were both on the British Children's team together.


On a positive note, I have adapted well to the new 35m radius GS skis.  After just a few days of training I have some good speed on them and I find them stable even when at speed.  I had a great first run on them on Day 1 in Cardrona and was just over 3 seconds off the leader, putting me out 10th in the 2nd run with a great chance of getting closer to the winner overall.  Unfortunately, I caught a bit of soft snow at the 3rd gate from the finish of the second run and was unable to turn my ski round it - I was so frustrated because the race was great for points and I was on target to score sub-60.



Oh, but the views are amazing!!