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Tokyo 2014
April 26th 2014
We were lucky enough to have 1 day and 2 nights in Tokyo before returning home.

I have been to Tokyo before but even so I was really pleased to be there after spending so much time in traditional, mountain hotels.

We were going to take a trip to Mount Fuji.  However, the weather was very overcast so we were advised that we would be unlikely to get a good view even from fairly close by.  This was disappointing but I have seen it from the airport and also from the motorway in the past and I was grateful we were given the information before we set off because I think we would have been pretty annoyed to have travelled for 3 hours plus only to find we couldn't actually see it!  In the end, we took the bullet train for the first part of the journey that would have taken us to Mount Fiji so that is something I can tick off my list!

Mount Fuji seen from Tokyo.

We spent the rest of our time in Tokyo walking around the city and window shopping.