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The Interview
October 8th 2014

Q   So, Flo, what are you up to at present?

A   A lot of schoolwork because this is my final year of A levels.  I'm also working very hard with my personal trainer - Jonny, if you're reading this you're killing me!  Next year will be cool because I will be able to focus on my skiing 100%.

Q  What has your year been like?

A  it was pretty amazing to go to Russia to compete in the Sochi Winter Olympics aged just 17.  It was really only another race but at the same time it was THE biggest thing on the planet and probably one of the most amazing things I will ever do.  I was blown away by how big a deal it actually is.  It's one thing to watch it on TV but that's only a tiny fraction of what it is really like.

Q   Have you been able to spend any time with your friends?

A  Yes, after the season finished at the end of April I managed a few get togethers and I even had a holiday in Spain with a couple of my friends before summer training began.

Q   So what's next with ski racing?

A  Next weekend I'm off to Austria for a few weeks' training on the glacier.  I'm really looking forward to training with my Austrian coaches and alongside my sister, Victoria.  I really do think that Austria is my most favourite place in the World to ski.

Q  What are your competitive plans for this season?

A   I'm looking forward to competing for Ireland with my sister at the World Championships in Vail, Colorado.  It will be the first time we have skied for Ireland in the same competition so we should be great support for each other.  I will also be working hard over the next 6 months to lower my World rankings.

Q   What do you think you will do after a life of ski racing?

A   I'll think about that when it happens.  At the moment, I'm going to focus on the present.