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Speikboden - Sand in Taufers
December 21st 2012

Day 1 - GS

Bib 33 - Yipee!!  What a difference a decent bib makes.  I easily made the top 30 flip, finished 22nd and scored with my 2nd best GS result - 100.78 points.  This means that I have moved up in the rankings from 3rd to 1st in Ireland in GS!


Day 2 - GS

The course was more like a Super G course than a Giant Slalom course and I just could not get my skis running fast enough on the bottom flat section so I came a poor 29th and scored an embarrassing 140 points!!


Day 3 - Slalom

I was really happy to see former GBR children's team-mate and good friend, Darcie.

I was having a fantastic 1st run and then, 5 gates from the finish .. argh!!!  My dad blamed my sister because she said "Wow, I'm skiing down to see her time" and at that moment, I straddled!  My Dad said it looked like a 70-80 point run (he would say that wouldn't he!) but it really did feel like my best slalom run by far.


Day 4 Slalom

I was feeling very tired - 9 straight days of training and racing have taken their toll.  I was bib 27 and a decent 1st run got me easily into the top 30 flip.  In the 2nd run I focussed too much on getting good points and I didn't really get into a fast rhythm.  So, although I finished 15th and scored 107.74 it should have been a much better result as I believe I was only running at about 70%.  Never mind; at the same event last year I came 31st and scored 155 points so it is going in the right direction and, at 16, it is all about lowering points to qualify for the big events.