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Slalom Races, Okutadami
April 24th 2014
After the races in Hachimantai we spent a night in Sendai en route to the next races in Okutadami.  

Sendai was very badly damaged by the 2011 tsunami and earthquake that hit Japan.  To get to Sendai we had to drive past Fukushima, the site of the nuclear power plant that was damaged at the same time - we wouldn't let my Dad stop here for petrol!  Sendai was a large city and we found a really good Italian restaurant which was great after the food that was offered to us in Hachimantai!

Victoria and I foreran a High School race in Okutadami before we competed in 2 days of slalom racing.

Getting off the chairlift with Victoria.

On the first day of racing I was 15th seed but was unlucky not to be able to capitalise on this by being drawn 15th!  The following day another low-point racer arrived and pushed me down to 16th.  On successive sunny days I skiied fairly well although I was a bit disappointed with my first run on the second day.  On day 1, I scored 66 (my second best slalom score)and I was pleased to lower my slalom points on this trip - I have ended the season on 70.18.

The Dam at Okutadami.