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Shiga Kogen Races
April 5th 2013
I have just completed 4 races in Shiga Kogen (2 Gs and 2 SL).

I was bib 15 for the first GS then my fortunes changed and I was drawn bib 1 for  the second!  The benefit of bib 1 and a clear run was evident as I finished the first run in second place; just 0.8 of a second behind the leader who had 31 points.  Unfortunately, the second run didn't go to plan!  Nevertheless, I scored 70, my 3rd best ever GS result.

After a very good first run in the first slalom race, I was unable to finish the second run.  The second race was very much better for me and, from bib 18, I finished in 9th place with 83 points (my best slalom points to date); the youngest girl in the race.

The hill we raced on was the steepest I have raced on.  It was the hill used in the 1998 Nagano Olympics.  We stayed in the hotel that the French team stayed in in 1998.

Apart from the races, I will remember my time in Shiga Kogen because of the snow monkeys.  There were many of them around; on the roads into the resort, on the hill and also in other people's bedrooms!  We were warned to keep our bedroom windows closed but nobody really thought there was much of a risk - until two monkeys got into a room and started to help themselves to the occupants' sandwiches and cans of Coke!