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Shiga Kogen GS & SL Races - 2014
January 11th 2014
An awful lot of snow has fallen in Shiga Kogen over the last few days!  We had to actually dig our car out in order to leave for Sugadaira this afternoon ...

Digging the car out

I came out in the first run of the first race; a GS.  The snow was so deep that I was unable to stay in the course - I had decided to race it as fast as I could rather than exercising caution and getting a poor time.  So I was pleased to have a day off on Thursday to rest before the Slalom races.

Starting the GS race

I went in with the same tactic of going as fast as I could and it paid off in the first Slalom race.  The hill is very steep and the conditions were absolutely appalling - out of 77 starters, only 40 finished (including me) and I scored 76 points.  I was really, really pleased with this (not to mention amazed, considering the circumstances).

On day 2, the same tactics saw me fall in the second run but I was not disappointed for long because there would have been no point in taking it more easily; I am here to race.  I have now completed 14 races so far this season.

Whilst here we met "Jamaica Mike" - he began skiing only 2 years ago and his dream is to represent Jamaica at the Olympics (if not in Sochi, then in Korea in 2018).  He is involved in a film about Olympic skiing from the amateur's point of view and I am looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.

With Tory & Jamaica Mike