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Serbia - Zlatibor & Mokra Gora
March 6th 2013
Last year when we came to Serbia there was no tarmac to be seen on  the whole drive from Belgrade.  This year, there is hardly any snow and there wasn't a cloud in the sky when we were in Mokra Gora.

Annoyingly, Tory and I have been concentrating on training GS and, typically, the GS races were all cancelled.  In Mokra Gora they changed the GS races to Slalom and made the courses so that only a 3rd of the field actually finished!  To be honest, not a great trip for me at all - the highlights were me getting bib 1 with Tory as bib 2 and getting to fly home on my birthday on the most dilapidated aeroplane you could even imagine - thanks JAT Airlines!