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Santa Caterina - January 2013
January 21st 2013
Turning up the day before a race (some 7 hours by road away from base) with absolutely no preparation on the hill and competing against girls who have practiced on the hill and raced on it for the previous two races, on Super G skis is not the best way to go into a race!  Even if you manage to get into the top 15 draw (I was bib 10 for the first race and bib 5 for the second), it is not the right way to go about boosting your confidence.  The situation I found myself in reminded me a bit of the Youth Olympics last January when almost all of my competitors had raced a Super G on the same hill as the GS and before the GS race whereas I was not entered for the Super G; they had such an advantage. I don't see this happening on the World Cup circuit!  Neither of the scenarios were of my making and yet I am the competitor!

As athletes, we are asked and expected to behave professionally and take our racing careers seriously - a pity some of the Coaches etc don't practise what they preach!

Anyway, enough of my "political" rant. The races:-

The lack of preparation etc was the focus in the mind and I did not perform well in either of the races.  A significant part of ski racing is based on what is in your head, regardless of what level you are competing at.  If only we could all ski every race the way we ski in training everything would be just perfect!