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Pre-Xmas Training
December 21st 2013
I have just come in from a fantastic morning's training here in Pitztal.

This is my second recent training period in Pitztal and I have spent just about a month here since the Autumn.  I will be going home after training tomorrow and having a few days off with my family over Christmas.  I'm going to make the most of the turkey and get as much rest as possible because I will then be going to Japan; where I will be competing in 12 races and racing up to and including the cut off day for selection for Sochi.

Training in Pitztal with Elise

I have enjoyed training alongside Elise but the last couple of days have been 1 on 1 training with my coach and nowhere to hide!  I have been training with timing and my times have been coming down every time.  I have taken a lot from my training here and I will be implementing it in my up-coming races.  I am going to be aiming for sub-50 scores when I get to race.

Tomorrow is my last day of training and I hope it will match up to today's and finish my training on a really positive note.