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Nukabira, Japan - January 2015
January 12th 2015
After an over-night flight from London and a short domestic flight to the north island of Hokkaido we were met by the transfer driver who had the van parked up with the engine running right outside the airport terminal building, literally 30 feet from the baggage carousel.  It all ran very smoothly, as I have come to expect in super-organised Japan.

I had 3 very good days of training with excellent snow conditions and I was pleased with my preparations for the races.

Carrying my training skis up to the hill.

Day 1 was ok.  More than anything, I was happy to get a result under my belt after chasing around for races before Christmas.

On day 2 I had a really good first run and I had set myself up for a score in the 50s.  Maybe I was too aware of this and subconsciously affected by it because my second run was not as good. Although I am pleased with the score of 70.17, especially since this was only my 2nd GS race of the season, I am also a bit disappointed because I know that I could and should have scored about 15 points less than this!

Onwards and upwards, as they say.  I am now allowing myself some time to get excited about the World Championships in Colorado in a few weeks' time.  After A level mocks, that is!

A view of Siberia from the plane on the way home ...