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Hohnokidaira GS Races - Japan
March 28th 2013
We have just arrived in Tokyo for a couple of nights in between races, following 2 GS races in Hohnokidaira, in Gifu Prefecture.

The local club allowed us to use the gates for training and were extremely nice to us.  The conditions, however were not good because the weather was unseasonably warm.  Added to this, the boys went first so, with 129 girls in the race, the snow was in very bad shape by the time I got to race.

I think I have been suffering with jet lag more than normal because I am very tired and this has contributed to mistakes that I wouldn't usually make.  I have found it difficult to get the right balance between skiing at speed and skiing at a pace that enables me to stay in the course.  I was happiest with the 2nd run of the 2nd race - typical!

I managed to score 94.38 but I know I can do much better than this and I will endeavour to do so in the next races.   In the meantime, I'm enjoying taking the lift in our hotel because it is always full of rugby players - the Tokyo Sevens is taking place and the teams are staying here!!