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GS Races at Sugadaira
January 15th 2014
I was reasonably pleased with my results in the 2 GS races at Sugadaira but also somewhat frustrated because I had a great 1st run in the race on day one but made a big mistake in the second which cost me about 2 seconds. I would have easily scored the 50-something points that I have been aiming for and so, whilst 66 points is definitely very nice, it could and should have been lower.  

What it means, is that my 5 lowest Olympic GS points (scored between July 1st 2012 and today) are:-


And my average of those 5 is:  64.46

Leaving the hill on day 2

So we are now off to Asarigawa in the north island of Japan for 2 slalom races.