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Bungy Jump - Queenstown
August 29th 2012
Today, I did a tandem Bungy jump with Tory!

We went to the original AJ Hackett Bungy at the Kawarau River in Queenstown, where Bungy was invented in the 1980s.  I had wanted to do it since last year but my parents wouldn't let me.  Then I nagged a bit this year and ... they agreed!  Having obtained their agreement, however, on the drive from Wanaka I started to get a bit nervous.  As the Bungy people strapped my legs together, to the point of nearly cutting-off my circulation, the nerves increased big time.  

Tory and I had to hobble together to the edge of the platform and then jump.  Sounds quite simple.  However, when the man counted to 3 (to indicate that we should jump), Tory said "No" and wouldn't go!  After some more persuasion from the Bungy "technicians" we finally jumped - OMG!!!!!!!!

It was scary beyond belief!  I thought that, after years of ski racing, a Bungy jump couldn't be that bad but it definitely was.  Initially there's the fear, then that turns to some sort of relief when you feel the rope catch and then there is the horrible swinging from side to side whilst bouncing up and down on a rubber cable and, to top it off, you end up hanging upside down with blood rushing to your head for what seems like hours until collection by 2 men in a dinghy - the relief!

I'm very glad I did it and have the T Shirt (literally) but I will not be repeating the experience - ever!!