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British Schoolgirls' Races - Flaine
February 1st 2012
Having travelled from Champery, we met up with our school team at Geneva and went together to Flaine. It was a good competition and we had the best school result we have ever had - we came 3rd, overall, behind Strathallen and Reeds but we won the GS! Our headmistress had travelled to the races with us and she was really pleased with us! On a personal note, I won 2nd overall Junior 1, behind Thomasine Nilson-Wrede. I beat my sister in both runs of the GS (even though I was the second seed in our school team)! I would have beaten her in the SL too except that I was informed, just before the second run, that, if I had a cautious run, it would give us a podium position - so I had to take my foot off the gas for the sake of the team, which I did.