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Bansko, Bulgaria
December 23rd 2014
After a series of cancelled races in China, Romania, Spain and Andorra it was a relief to arrive in Bulgaria and find that there was actually skiable snow here and that the 2 slalom  races would go ahead!  So far, so good.  But that was about as good as it got!

On day 1, I was having a really strong run when I straddled a couple of gates from the end - I could not believe it!  Thus, I was disqualified.  Today, I was, again, having a good run until I caught an edge and failed to navigate my way round a tight-set gate - I was in good company though - literally half the field failed to complete the first run and most people came out of the course in the same spot as me.  Not much consolation when you have trained to race, tried for weeks to get a race that is actually going to take place and when you have travelled to somewhere like this - as I have been reminded a number of times yesterday and today "that's ski racing!!!".

With Tory in Bansko

Bansko is not at all as I expected.  It is really big - a lot of buildings are, however, unfinished and derelict; victims of the financial crash.  There are lots of casinos and "gentlemen's clubs" so I don't think it is particularly the family market they are after but, apparently, the Russians who are said to love it here are staying away this season.

On a bright note, we did bump in to Prince Hubertus of Hohenlohe-Langenburg the Mexican racer who famously sports a race suit designed like a matador's outfit and who was very popular in Sochi!

With our Mexican friend.

Off really early tomorrow morning to be home in time to see what Santa has got me!

Happy Christmas!!!