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Nozawa Onsen GS & Slalom Races
April 11th 2013
The races here, in Nozawa Onsen, have been very kind to me and I have scored Personal Bests in all three (the second slalom race having been cancelled).  It was also nice to see our friend, Yurino, again, who we first met in New Zealand. 

I love the town, which is very interesting.  I love the Italian restaurant we have dined at for 5 out of the 6 nights we have been here and the "American" breakfasts served in our hotel (which I'm sure Princess Anne enjoyed when she stayed here in 1998). We also ate at the Mongolian barbecue restaurant which was good.

Not so keen on the foul smell that hangs over the town 24/7, however, thanks to the sulphur in the public baths.  It's really horrible, like bad eggs, and I actually thought my poor dad was the source of the stench, when we first arrived!!